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September 21, 2010

Clip of the Week

by regiesh

This is the opening scene of Woody Allen’s ‘Stardust Memories’, a hilarious homage to great directors such as Fellini, Bunuel, and Bergman…
This is actually one of my favorite Woody Allen films. It takes a little prior knowledge about film to understand the humor but I’ve shown this film to people who have only seen ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘8 1/2’ and still found it funny.

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5 Responses to “Clip of the Week”

  1.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    I like him too! Though I know he made a lot of movies but I still dont have chance to watch all of his old movies! I watched ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ and ‘Match Point’ and I really like them! For me, the video is artistic and I dont really get it. But Woody Allen did looked funny after the girl sent him a kiss!

  2.   regiesh Says:

    I was a bit disappointed by ‘Vicky…” but loved -Match point- ! You should definitely check out some of his staple films: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Mighty Aphrodite… the list could in all seriousness go on forever. I’ve literally seen over a dozen Woody Allen films :). Like it says above the clip, I don’t expect this to make sense to people who have not at least seen a Fellini film. You should check out -8 1/2- for starters.

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