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December 12, 2010

Acquired Taste

by regiesh

I remember walking out of the classroom after seeing Pather Panchali relieved. I am generally very patient with film. I mean, one of the top films on my list at the moment is Bela Tarr’s Sátántangó which runs about 450 min. I also really enjoyed Ozu which also had a slow pace. After deciding to write my analysis on Pather Panchali I re-watched certain scenes finding the beauty that lies within the film.

Each segment is carefully shot and is truly alluring. I am definitely going to sit through the entire film at least one more time. In some ways I feel that a film should not be of acquired taste but it isn’t unlike me to re-screen a film that didn’t previously spark my interest or disappointed me. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve tried to watch Blade Runner and enjoy it. I am confident that I will end up truly appreciating Ray. One thing I know will continuously bother me is the elder. It may sound crude but her physical appearance turns me off to such a degree that I could never identify with/like her character’s company. Though I find her role important she will forever bother me. I honestly wanted her to die. I knew it was coming, I just wanted it to come sooner.

I know the trilogy is considered one of the greatest of all film history and that really means something despite reviews that stated it was too long. Ray put his spin on the long shots used in italian neo-realism. Every second of film was included for a reason. He really wanted to audience to appreciate every single moment of the character’s lives. I think all of us should re-screen Pather Panchali on our own time with more appreciation and understanding.

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